Maybe your clients are planning for their estates, or selling a business or stock options. Maybe they are managing an inheritance or want to streamline their giving today. You can help them achieve their charitable and financial goals, and we can help you help them.

You control the client relationship. We can extend the range of services you offer your clients.

We’re flexible. We offer a variety of investment vehicles, accept a wide variety of assets and provide your clients with a range of funds to choose from.

We build and honor legacies. Donors who set up permanent funds with us can rest assured that we will honor their charitable legacy or the legacy of their family both now and forever.

Effective grantmaking. Our expert staff are connected and knowledgeable about our community’s issues and needs. From job training and the arts to the environment, healthcare and education. We know Chattanooga. As a result, we know which nonprofits are working most effectively to address these issues.

Tax smart. Your client receives the maximum tax deduction allowed by law for charitable contributions, greater than establishing a private foundation. Your client will receive an immediate tax deduction for contributions to a fund while grants from the fund may be made over time.

Good company. By joining a community of generous Chattanoogans and a respected organization with a long history of helping our community, your clients know their charitable gifts will make a difference.

Top notch service. We take care of asset transfers, investing, grantmaking, record keeping and reporting. For donor advisors, our online portal, DonorCentral, makes it fast and simple to suggest grants. We offer personal service that sets us apart from commercial gift funds. You and your clients will deal with people, not automated menus.

Why not a Private Foundation?

For many, a donor advised fund or supporting organization at the Community Foundation is a wiser choice than a private foundation. Administrative costs are lower and donors can take advantage of our grantmaking experts, investment staff and other resources of a large foundation. Many donors have closed private foundations and transferred the assets to funds at the Community Foundation, freeing up more money for the causes they care about. Other families use Community Foundation donor advised funds to support causes outside the focus of their private foundations.