You can begin to set up a fund at the Community Foundation now by following the instructions below or contacting Maeghan Jones to request more information such as the Foundation's tax classification letter, descriptive materials on the different types of funds and suggested language to help you draft instruments to provide for gifts to our organization.

To make a gift today

Talk to us about what kind of fund makes the most sense.

Ask us for a fund agreement form.

Determine a fund name.

Identify the types of assets your client is giving (i.e. cash, stock, real estate, etc.)

Determine the fund’s purpose. ┬áNote: if your client wants to support community needs both now and in the future, the Fund for Chattanooga might be the best option.

Sign and date agreement.


To make a deferred gift or bequest

Contact us for language for your client’s Will.

For funds with a purpose more specific than unrestricted charitable purposes, be sure to discuss that purpose with our staff prior to executing your client’s Will.