Micro-School Opportunity Scholarship Fund

In August 2019, Chattanooga Christian School (CCS) and Olivet Baptist Church will launch a pilot private micro-school named The King School. For their first year, The King School will open with one kindergarten and one first grade class with a grade level being added each year through fifth grade.

The goal of the micro-school is to provide a quality, personalized education that will give each student the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical skills to grow to their full potential – and tackle any challenges standing in their way.

The cost for the school year is $6,500 per student. Admission applications can be found online at ccsk12.com/admissions. There is an opportunity to apply for financial assistance through the Micro School Opportunity Scholarship Fund after the student has been admitted to The King School.

The Micro-School Scholarship Fund is administered by the Community Foundation to help eligible families offset the cost at a micro-school. All funds are raised by the Chattanooga Christian School.

If your student has been accepted, please click the button below to apply for the Micro-School Opportunity Scholarship.

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Guide to Completing the Micro School Opportunity Scholarship Application

Parents or Guardians: When making an account for the scholarship in the application portal please make the account in the child’s name. Be sure to complete the Micro- School Opportunity Scholarship Eligibility Quiz after making the account.