We've worked to create a simple and streamlined grant process.

Our Committee reviews grant applications three (3) times per year, and accepts applications in two funding areas: Program Development and Capital Expenditure. The foundation considers only one application per Funding Area from the same organization per calendar year. The maximum request for each application is $20,000.

Generally, the foundation’s grants focus on the following areas of impact:

-Health Behaviors/Healthy Environments

-Basic Human Needs/Social Services

-Neighborhood Revitalization

-The Needs of Immigrant Populations

-Early Childhood Development Birth through Grade 3

-Improved College Access

-Public Education  

Within those areas, we give priority to programs or initiatives that:

-Serve disadvantaged populations

-Serve a broad segment of the Hamilton County community

-Assist those whose needs are not adequately met by existing services

-Provide opportunities for employment

-Promote cooperation among organizations and are developed in consultation with other organizations and planning groups without duplicating services

-Enhance or improve the ability of an organization to be effective and self-sufficient

-Innovative or creative programmatic enterprises

-Generate matching funds and in-kind donations from other sources

-Enhance or improve the ability of an organization to sustain a project or program either through the generation of new funding sources, expansion of existing funding sources, or through collaboration or partnership with other organizations