Nonprofit Endowments

By choosing to establish an endowed fund at the Community Foundation, your nonprofit is helping to create meaningful change in Chattanooga both now and in the future.

Why Partner with the Community Foundation?

There are many reasons why nonprofits partner with us in creating permanent, endowed assets to support their operations in perpetuity.  Our consolidated investment management provides a better return with lower administrative costs through economies of scale. You increase your income while protecting the long-term value of your fund.

By placing your fund at the Community Foundation, you create more giving options for your donors as they are able to give to your organization in a variety of ways including real estate and other non-cash assets.  This can be especially important for year-end contributions and one-time wealth events when stock or real estate is in the process of being sold and time is of the essence.

Fiduciary oversight, management and reporting for your endowment is provided by the Community Foundation’s trusted, experienced investment team.  We handle all of the administrative and legal work so you can focus on your work of making our community better for all.