Opportunity for ALL

The Foundation created the Fund for Chattanooga grants process to encourage, inspire, and improve lives in the community of Greater Chattanooga. Through innovative and effective grant making, we support a vision of a community where all our neighbors have access to the resources they need to reach their fullest potential. We believe investment in such caring and inclusive communities will result in greater economic mobility and shared opportunities for all across Hamilton County.
  • The Fund for Chattanooga

    Chattanooga is always evolving and so too are the needs of our city. This is why the Fund for Chattanooga was established: to serve our community, year after year, even as the community changes. Since 1963, thousands of gifts have been pooled together to provide a permanent resource for Chattanooga.

    The Fund for Chattanooga is the primary fund from which the foundation distributes grants.  A volunteer committee, comprised of community members, governs and oversees the grantmaking process.

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  • Nonprofit Endowed Funds

    We support a wide variety of nonprofits partners by housing their endowments at the foundation. Our consolidated investment management provides a better return with lower administrative costs through economies of scale. You increase your income with fewer hassles.

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  • Fiscal Sponsorship

    A Fiscal Sponsorship (Project Fund) allows an organization to operate as a component fund under the umbrella of the Community Foundation. This program is intended to help build capacity and to assist the organizations as they pursue sustainability and eventually obtain their own non-profit status.

    The Foundation has limited capacity to accept new funds, but will consider applications for project funds that align with our four focus areas:

    • Educational Achievement- ensuring every student has access to high quality education regardless of socioeconomic status
    • Caring Communities- providing care and support for our most vulnerable residents while working to address the root causes of the challenges they face
    • Diverse and Inclusive Leadership- increasing diversity to include people of diverse backgrounds, races, ethnicities, genders and beliefs in all aspects of our community and civic life and across all sectors
    • Economic Mobility- increasing opportunities for economic mobility by connecting low income and marginalized residents with the tools and opportunities they need to improve their economic status.
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