No two donors are alike. How you choose to give depends on your finances and your family, the causes you care about and the legacy you wish to leave.

We provide a growing suite of donor services that helps you take every factor into account. Our goal: to create a customized giving experience that meets your needs and makes our community stronger.

Let us what you need, we are happy to help.

Our services include:

  • Philanthropic Planning

    We work with donors one-on-one to connect your passions with purpose. Initial meetings may include a guided exploration of your values and interests, so we better understand what you hope to accomplish as a donor. We also provide an annual philanthropic fund review meeting, and we’re always available for presentations on philanthropic trends and community indicators to help you make informed choices.

  • Family Services

    If you’d like to give as a family, the above planning service can be tailored to include the people who matter most to you. The foundation is qualified to guide families through major philanthropic and wealth transfer decisions. We’re also experienced family meeting facilitators and can provide support as you equip future generations to carry on a legacy of philanthropy.

  • Nonprofit due diligence and reporting

    If you have a specific organization in mind, we can handle every aspect of due diligence to ensure the nonprofit you’re supporting is a fully vetted, certified 501(c)(3). We’ll also request proposals from nonprofits, distribute grants and provide customized reports — so you’ll know where funding is needed, how your donation meets those needs, and what kind of impact you’re making as a donor.

    We host an annual meeting with our investment firm and fundholders where they can ask questions and learn more about our investment philosophy and performance.

  • Legacy and succession planning

    As you consider your estate plans, we can work with you to create a letter of instruction that accurately captures your philanthropic desires and makes them legally binding. For more information, visit our section on planned giving.

  • Financial and investment reporting

    For every donor, we provide audited financial statements and access to quarterly fund statements through Donor Central.

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