Give the way you want to give.

Donor advised funds are highly personalized, incredibly flexible, mini-foundations that we manage on your behalf so you can maximize your charitable giving. If you need help determining how to make the best and biggest impact, we're here to help.

How it works

You can choose to give a wide range of assets Рfrom property to stock, real estate to private companies. As the fund holder, you recommend grants to qualified charities and we handle all the details.

The fund may be named after you, in honor or memory of someone you love or after a cause that care about. Grants may be given to any qualified charity here in Chattanooga or anywhere in the United States.

Why it works

Tax benefits are significant based on your adjusted gross income. Your grant funds grow according to our investment strategies, so you can give more – tax free.

When you contribute through your DAF to Field of Interest funds, your gift creates a permanent asset for the causes you care about and may be added to the gifts of other Chattanoogans for even greater impact.

Top 10 reasons why you should establish a DAF with us.

Want to work with your current investment advisor to manage your assets? Talk to us about our Individually Managed Funds program.