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What if?

In the next 10 years, $9.2 billion will be passed between generations in Hamilton County alone. What does that mean for Chattanooga?

Imagine if just 5% of that wealth were endowed as permanent gifts for the community. That could translate to $23 million in new grants made to local nonprofits and neighborhoods — every year, forever.

From funding college scholarships to building strong families, to creating vibrant arts and cultural offerings, to ending homelessness, you choose how your gift is used to improve lives here at home. Because when you give, you’re not just investing in the present, you’re changing the path of the city’s future. The Community Foundation can help you create a gift that supports the nonprofits and causes that matter most to you.
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estimated national transfer of wealth


estimated transfer of wealth for Hamilton County


estimated philanthropic impact if 5% goes to charitable endowment

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